Fall Color on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail

October 31, 2020 · bicycle

The coldest October day in 8 years didn't stop us from making the trek out to Snoqualmie to re-experience the trail. We visited last year too, when the Trailhead Direct route conveniently took us all the way to North Bend at the start of the trail.

This year, without this shortcut, we took a regular sound transit bus to Issaquah, then rode further east to the trail. It pays off to do some extra research on this portion of the ride which requires some navigating through backroads and steep climbs. For reference, here's the route we took on Strava.

Of course the weather report predicted sun that day, but it ended up staying cloudy and lightly rainy the entire time! At one point we had to get off our bikes and run for a few minutes to thaw ourselves out.

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