Guide to Eurovelo 6 (pt. 3)

October 8, 2022 · bicycle

After a little software-related detour of the last couple weeks, I am back to deliver the next part of the video compilation of my summer trip, complete with Zwift simulation. This one leaves the Loire behind and brings us closer to the boundary of France.

This time I'm using the GPX Replay program to include maps for each day. Yesterday as I was editing this video, I realized that the follow camera movement was too jittery, even with GPS smoothing applied. So this post will also serve as a little update that I implemented customizable camera momentum for GPX Replay. That means at each frame, we move the camera based on a weighted combination of the last frame's movement and the new position of the track point.

Does it look reasonable? Feel free to let me know, and thank you for the past feedback!

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